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Cost-effective custom Packaging resolution at "The Custom Printed Boxes"

Now you can easily obtain the most beautiful custom packaging that you desire for all kinds of products. All you have to do is give us your specs for sizes, shapes, styles, materials, designs to print, and finishing of the boxes. You’ll get the lowest rates for your short run as well as large scale orders. Get your favored boxes for foodstuffs, beverages, cosmetics, software, toys, etc. with free shipping. Place your order online or at 888-800-8032 and expect your custom boxes to reach you in no time.

Pink Bakery box with Handle

Bakery boxes

The perfect solution for presenting your tasty treats in a w...

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Blue bookmark with hanging ribbon


Expand your professional network attractively and cost-effec...

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Vibrant Beer bottle Neckers

Bottle Neckers

Making a splash with your presentation is just a piece of ca...

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Plain colored business card boxes

Business Card Boxes

Expanding your professional circle through a time-tested too...

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Creative cake box with handle

Cake Boxes

Beautifully crafted solution right according to your product...

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White Candle box with creative design

Candle Boxes

Completely satisfying your presentation needs as per your re...

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Colorful candy box

Candy Boxes

We offer years of experience in fulfilling the needs of conf...

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Tuck In White cardboard box

Cardboard Boxes

Satisfy your short run needs at the lowest prices....

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Creative Orange Case cards

Case Cards

Highlight your products and enlighten prospective and curren...

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Brown CD Storage box

CD Storage Boxes

We present the perfect solutions for storing valuable collec...

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Red Cereal box with Cartoon

Cereal Boxes

Beautifully crafted solution right according to your product...

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Straight tuck Chinese food box

Chinese Food Boxes

Present the traditional charm of your food variety in marvel...

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The One-Stop Solution To All Your Packaging Needs

The appeal of custom packaging for products is absolutely indubitable. We bring you cutting edge technology so you have a one-stop solution to all your needs for storing and presenting your products as attractively as you want. We enable you to have a noticeable impact on prospective and current customers by using fresh and inspiring ideas. It makes your products stand out from the crowd and consequently gives big boosts to your sales. When you need to make a splash with your presentation, you can easily do so for a paltry sum of money. That’s because one of the hallmarks of our services is our lowest prices which has earned us unparalleled recognition in the industry. Custom printed packaging with logo is an open testament to the confidence you have in the supreme quality of your products.

Our offerings encompass the whole gamut of industries and products ranging from candy boxes and cookie boxes to pizza boxes and hair extension boxes. Choose from our finest SBS cardboard, Kraft paper and corrugated board as the materials for boxes. Only recyclable and biodegradable materials enter our production process because of our time-tested commitment to green business practices. For foodstuffs packaging our materials are compliant to all relevant health and hygiene standards. A large number of our esteemed customers regularly avail our bakery boxes, Chinese food boxes, donut boxes, muffin boxes, macaron boxes, snack boxes and many other related items. You can also have custom packaging boxes in as many shapes as you like such as cube, gable, pie, pillow, pyramid, sleeve boxes etc. Handle boxes and window boxes are also available for you.

“The Custom Printed Boxes” is the most trusted boxes manufacturing company. Based in United States, our valued customer have always put trust on us and we have always been committed to provide the best possible solution to every sector of business. Our well experienced staff is ready to guide you the latest trends and innovation incurred in the packaging so that you can opt the latest styled box for your product. A unique box will help to enhance sales and capture more market by attracting more customers. By availing free designing and free shipping facilities at The Custom Printed Boxes your will be able to save money and get the best possible custom made box at lowest possible price.

There is no limit on the modifications that you can make to the sizes and styles of your boxes. We leave no stone unturned to deliver the perfect solutions satisfying your specs. Another one of our specialties is packaging for cosmetics. Our production facilities continuously churn out breathtakingly beautiful makeup boxes, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, perfume boxes and the like. Design is the most important element of custom packaging so you have to make sure that it positions your product accurately among competition. However, you have no need to hire any artist because we have a team of professional designers who would love to provide you free designing services. Don’t forget our free shipping of your custom printed boxes to your doorstep in the quickest turnaround time. Contacting us is a piece of cake. Just call 888-800-8032, email to or have a live chat with us.